Dianne Joyce Design

Give your room a facelift with painted ceilings!

A lot of time and detail is given designing the perfect floor for every room in our home. Be it wood, stone, carpeting or area rugs, the square footage we are finishing underfoot is the same square footage overhead. Yet why is it we are obsessed with the same boring white you see on most…

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There’s one design element that completely transforms a space – wallpaper! With sooo many sources and styles to choose from, why would you settle for paint?

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Schluder Trims and Profiles

Schluter® carries decorative profiles and trim details for walls, wainscotings, and tile bases. The profile produces a pronounced visible surface that establishes a clean line along tile edges and allows for decorative design. We finished a tile shelf that needed a thin end piece to complete the outside edge of a tile application. Schluder makes…

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